Renewal Update

Renew the TLCBD in 2019

About the Tenderloin CBD

The Tenderloin Community Benefit District (TLCBD) works relentlessly to provide a clean and safe environment. Strong community partnerships and supportive collaboration with city agencies will create positive change in the Tenderloin neighborhood. Organization services are focused on implementing neighborhood improvements around the physical environment, economic development, and neighborhood pride.

Starting in 2005 a non-profit 501c3 was established collaboratively by community leaders and property owners. The city and neighborhood adopted the TLCBD management plan to work towards a mission of neighborhood improvement for all within the district boundaries.

A Board of Directors, made up of Tenderloin property owners and stakeholders, oversees the management of the TLCBD. The full-time management team leads the day-to-day operations of TLCBD initiatives and programs including: security and maintenance of our streets, coordination with local developers, interaction with our valued residents, and business support services. Our Clean Team, patrol the district to ensure a positive experience for visitors and residents.

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  • What is a CBD?

    A Community Benefit District (CBD) is a formally recognized non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life in a defined region. Typical CBD services include sidewalk cleaning, trash removal, safety ambassador patrols, beautification, and advocacy for policies and projects that will benefit the CBD’s district. The services provided by CBD's supplement services provided by the City.

  • How is the CBD funded?

    The CBD is funded through special assessments collected from property owners within the defined boundaries of the district.

  • How long has the Tenderloin had a CBD?

    The TLCBD was established in 2005.

  • What are the boundaries of the current TLCBD?

    Click here for a map of the current boundaries and the study area for the renewal. The study area is an area outside of current boundaries that are being looked into for possible expansion of the CBD. The final boundaries of the new CBD have not been determined as of this time. 

  • Who decides on the formation of the CBD?

    Property owners within the proposed boundaries decide whether or not a CBD is formed.

  • Why does the CBD need to be renewed?

    If the CBD is not renewed, services will be terminated per City ordinance. CBDs operate on a designated life. The current life cycle of the TLCBD ends December 31, 2020.
    In the last year of the CBD’s lifecycle, the CBD’s stakeholders decide whether or not the CBD should go through the renewal process, which enables the organization to continue providing services. The TLCBD Board has decided to renew a year early due to changes in neighborhood issues.

  • How long is the CBD renewing for?

    The term for renewal has not been decided as of yet, but a CBD can be renewed for as long as 15 years.

  • How does the CBD get renewed?

    The CBD is renewed in two steps: petitions and ballots.

    Step 1: Petition Phase
    All property owners within the proposed CBD boundaries will receive a petition package in November of 2018. The CBD must receive petitions in-favor of renewing the CBD from property owners representing 30.1% of the total assessment to be paid.

    Step 2: Ballot Phase
    All property owners within the proposed CBD boundaries will receive a ballot in the mail. For the CBD to renew, a majority of ballots must be cast in favor of the CBD, weighted by assessment to be paid.

    Petitions and ballots are sent to the mailing address on record with the County Assessor’s office.

  • How do I vote?

    Step 1: Return your signed petition via email or mail by February 1st, 2019.



  • Attn: Renewal
    512 Ellis St
    San Francisco, CA 94109

  • What if I have not received my petition?

    If you do not receive you petition by January 1st, 2019 please call Aaron at 562-773-5852.

  • Who can vote?

    Only the property owner or legal representative of the property owner is allowed to vote.

  • Why should I vote YES?

    If your property or tenants have enjoyed the services the TLCBD has provided for over 13 years, we ask that you vote YES for

    • Clean, Safe, and Neighborhood Promotion services to continue
    • Increased focus on government advocacy for safety, transit, homelessness, etc.
    • Additional marketing, media outreach
  • What if the CBD does not get renewed?

    All CBD services will be terminated on December 31, 2020.

  • Why should I pay the CBD for these services? Shouldn’t the city provide them?

    CBDs do not replace City services. CBDs provide services above and beyond what the City offers. CBDs provide consistent clean and safety services and marketing and promotion services that the City does not provide. Additional services provided include: trash removal from sidewalks, pressure washing, additional graffiti removal, public safety programs, public space activation, marketing, advocacy, event programming, etc.

  • If the CBD is renewed, can I opt out?

    No, the CBD assessment is mandatory.

  • Who will manage the CBD?

    The TLCBD is managed by a 15-member Board of Directors, who are elected into office by fellow property owners, residents, and business owners in the District boundaries. The Board holds regular, public meetings.

  • Who should I contact with questions?

    Contact Aaron Aulenta at 562-773-5852 or