The Tenderloin Camera Network was established to help improve the quality of life and safety in the Tenderloin.

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To submit a video footage request, complete the Video Retrieval Request form by either:

1) Downloading the form (PDF), completing/emailing to cameras@tlcbd.org

2) Filling out the form at the TLCBD office* (512 Ellis Street, San Francisco)

3) Fill out the online form

For any video footage requests from media, please contact cameras@tlcbd.org. In accordance with the Tenderloin Camera Network Usage Policy, we provide footage to appropriate agencies for incidents related to public safety and criminal justice.

*Please note: Hours have changed due to Covid-19 restrictions. Please email us at cameras@tlcbd.org to schedule a time to come by the office.


The Tenderloin Camera Network was established to help improve the quality of life and safety in the Tenderloin. The network is intended for safety-related and criminal incidents only. These cameras are never monitored or watched in real-time, and only accessed in response to a specific incident. TLCBD will review the footage requests and provide footage in accordance with the Tenderloin Camera Network Usage Policy. The footage is only stored for 30 days.

If you’d like to learn more about adding cameras to your building, or would like to explore the benefits of linking existing cameras to the TLCBD network, email cameras@tlcbd.org.


The Tenderloin is one of San Francisco’s densest neighborhoods, and has more families with children per capita than any neighborhood in San Francisco. There are also significantly high concentrations of seniors, family-run small businesses, and social service agencies.

Camera locations are selected based on crime data, hotspots and the severity of crimes committed. To expand the network, TLCBD partners with private property owners at specific locations where cameras are to be installed.


The TLCBD established the Camera Network in 2016 in partnership with SFPD, SF SAFE, the District Attorney’s office, UC Hastings, and Applied Video Solutions (AVS). TLCBD conducted outreach to community groups ahead of launching the network in 2016. TLCBD staff worked with attorneys and students from UC Hastings, along with input from the community, to inform use policies to respect both privacy and chain of evidence.

In 2016, several locations were installed with multiple high-definition cameras offering multiple views. Since that time, more locations have been added to the network with the support of City grants, donations and private investments from property owners..

In late 2018, TLCBD received a significant grant from the Silicon Valley Community Foundation to support the expansion of the Camera Network. TLCBD staff is currently working to increase coverage by installing additional cameras.


In 2020, TLCBD announced the expansion of the Tenderloin Camera Network, a system of cameras throughout the Tenderloin stewarded and maintained by TLCBD staff. TLCBD believes the network to be a critical tool and resource in improving safety and quality of life for the many diverse communities of the Tenderloin.

As the Tenderloin Camera Network expands, TLCBD reaffirms its commitment to improving the quality of life and safety in the Tenderloin through an unbiased lens.

This project has been made possible in part by a grant from the Chris Larsen Fund, an advised fund of Silicon Valley Community Foundation. The most recent contribution builds on the success of the program, which launched with 6 locations in 2016. Today there are 21 sites, totaling more than 167 camera views within approximately 40 blocks of the Tenderloin.

This grant will support the expansion of the network through the installation of additional cameras, increased maintenance support, and staffing. TLCBD estimates the most recent contribution will expand the network by approximately 60%.


Corner Captains are the backbone of TLCBD Safe Passage program. They promote a culture of safety in the Tenderloin and assist others as they navigate through busy streets and intersections. Since shelter-in-place, the team has also started assisting with grocery delivery and at the Tenderloin food pantry. Stipends are available to those who qualify and can commit to 3 to 5 days a week. Click here for more information.