We passed renewal!

  • On June 25 the property owner ballots were counted by the City’s Department of Elections. We needed 50%+1 to pass and we received 83% of the ballots in our favor!

  • We are beyond grateful to the property owners and the community at large for the incredible outpouring of support throughout this entire process, including at the Public Comment.




In 2018, TLCBD piloted a new cleaning approach in areas of the Tenderloin. The Micro Neighborhood Cleaning Program delivers three times the level of service. Once renewed, this will become the new standard.


    • Three frontage passes per day

    • Sidewalk and gutter sweeping

    • Deodorizing where applicable

    • Graffiti and sticker removal on public property

    • Needle pickup and safe removal

    • Coordinating hot spot pressure washing

    • Graffiti abatement within 24 hours on

    private property with release form/paint arrangement

  • In addition to regular supplemental cleaning programs, TLCBD actively and successfully advocates for more City services including additional trash cans, attended restrooms, coordination, and beautification


  • In 2016, the TLCBD launched a security camera network, installing network of cameras on tenderloin properties to deter crime, assist with evidence, arrest, and prosecution where applicable

  • Tenderloin network of multi-sensor cameras using latest IP video technology

  • Camera network provides seamless access to SFPD, eliminating site visits at camera locations.

  • Ongoing network expansion, including 16 new cameras totaling 36 additional views in 2018.

Tenderloin safe Passage


  • In 2016, Tenderloin Safe Passage Program became an official program of TLCBD

  • Through TLCBD, Safe Passage grew from a team of 10 daily Corner Captains to 30

  • 7 Corner Captains hired to part-time staff positions and other stipend economic opportunities

  • Multiple shifts each day, serving an average of 4,000+ people each month while covering up to 15 corners daily

  • The presence of a Safe Passage Corner Captain reduces negativity levels, such as drug dealing and open drug use, by 33%

  • Providing safety for 100’s of neighborhood youth each day.


  • Program expansion to Safe Passage Senior, advocating for 6,000 seniors residing in the TLCBD’s boundaries

  • Over 50 weekly walking groups for more than 150 seniors in the past year

  • Over 100,000 safe street crossing for seniors


  • Public space activation efforts to reclaim the Turk Hyde Mini Park for positive and healthy activity five days a week.

  • Turk Hyde Mini Park program has provided weekly programming with 9 partner organizations, bringing healthy activities including arts, wellness, mediation, education, workshops, and performance.

  • To date, the park activation has served 1719 youth, 1151 adults, an 441 seniors with a safe and clean experience at the Turk Hyde park.

Neighborhood Pride

  • In March 2017, TLCBD leased a ground floor office space, activating a vacant storefront while strengthening our connection to the community. Come on by!

  • 72 new neighborhood banners promoting positive neighborhood “tend”encies through playful characters. “Around here, we tend to know our neighbors.”

  • Launched Tenderloin Talk e-newsletter reaching over 1000 subscribers twice a month with Tenderloin news, arts, events, and more.

  • Launched Tenderloin Talk LIVE quarterly event series, bridging community connection, raising community voice, and further influencing programs.

neighborhood advocacy

  • We continue to be a powerful voice in advocating for the needs and interests of the neighborhood.

  • Safer Taylor Street, lead a robust community input process, ensuring the neighborhood stakeholders are heard and implemented.

  • Launched the Tenderloin Wellness Trail initiative to improve access and usability between neighborhood open spaces.

  • Anchor partner in organizing the Tenderloin Mayoral Forum, 400 attendees called on mayoral hopefuls to prioritize the Tenderloin, and to directly commit to addressing issues of the Tenderloin. Check out a video, photos, and audio of the event here.

  • Successfully advocating for more equitable distribution of City resources with partners including DPW, SFPD, Fix It, SF OEWD and more.

  • Joined the Clean Safe 365 Coalition to address cleanliness and safety. While taking a seat at the table with other coalition members. Read our statement on why we’re joining and how the Tenderloin must be a priority.

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What is a CBD?

  • A Community Benefit District (CBD) is a formally recognized assessment district managed by a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life in a defined region. Typical CBD services include sidewalk cleaning, trash removal, safety ambassador patrols, beautification, and advocacy for policies and projects that will benefit the CBD’s district. The services provided by CBD's supplement services provided by the City.

How is the CBD funded?

  • The CBD is funded through special assessments collected from property owners within the defined boundaries of the district.

How long has the Tenderloin had a CBD?

  • The TLCBD was established in 2005.

Who decides on the formation of the CBD?

  • Property owners within the proposed boundaries decide whether or not a CBD is formed.

Looking for more information? Contact Simon Bertrang at simon@tlcbd.org.

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the Renewal process


What are the boundaries of the current TLCBD?

  • Here is a look at the current TLCBD district, as well as the proposed boundaries following renewal. 


 How long is the CBD renewing for?

  • The term for renewal has not been decided as of yet, but a CBD can be renewed for as long as 15 years.

How does the CBD get renewed?

  • The CBD is renewed in two steps: petitions and ballots.

What if the CBD did not get renewed?

  • All CBD services would be terminated on December 31, 2020.

If the CBD is renewed, can I opt out?

  • No, the CBD assessment is mandatory.

Who will manage the CBD?

  • The TLCBD is managed by a 15-member Board of Directors, who are elected into office by fellow property owners, residents, and business owners in the District boundaries. The Board holds regular, public meetings.

Looking for more information? Contact Simon Bertrang at simon@tlcbd.org.

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