Tenderloin Camera NETWORK


TLCBD launched the Camera Network in 2016 in partnership with SFPD, SF SAFE, the District Attorney’s office, UC Hastings, and Applied Video Solutions (AVS). TLCBD conducted outreach to community groups ahead of launching the network.

Ahead of the launch in 2016, TLCBD staff worked with attorneys and students from UC Hastings, along with input from the community, to inform use policies to respect both privacy and chain of evidence. These cameras are never monitored or watched in real time, and only accessed in response to a specific incident. Anyone requesting footage, including the SFPD and Public Defender’s office, should provide an SFPD case number.

In 2016, several locations were installed with multiple high-definition cameras offering multiple views. Since that time, more locations have been added to the network with the support of City grants and private investment from property owners. The TLCBD works closely with the SFPD to provide video footage when requested to help with crimes committed in the district.

In late 2018, TLCBD received a significant grant from the Silicon Valley Community Foundation to support the expansion of the Camera Network. TLCBD staff is currently working to increase coverage by installing additional cameras. If you’d like to learn more about adding cameras to your building, or would like to explore the benefits of linking existing cameras to the TLCBD network, contact cameras@tlcbd.org.

To submit a video footage request, please click here to download a Video Retrieval Request form; return completed form to cameras@tlcbd.org.