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Tenderloin has retained its character and low-income housing [SF Chronicle Opinion]

One of two Tenderloin opinion pieces solicited in SF Chronicle's January 4th issue. THC Executive Director Randy Shaw shares his view on the neighborhood's ability to retain its character while welcoming an unprecedented amount of economic development in recent years. While lauding the neighborhood's achievements, Shaw points to one thing holding it back from reaching its full potential.

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Microsoft Throws Safe Passage Families Amazing Holiday Party

During the celebration, Program Director Kate Robinson reflected on the growth of Safe Passage from an entirely volunteer operation started by neighborhood moms in 2008. Our Tenderloin resident Corner Captains have become the heart and soul of our organization. It means so much to us that Microsoft would put this together to honor their commitment and to bring extra joy to their families during the holidays.

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This Month's Neighborhood Heroes: Turk Street Neighbors

Welcome to a new regular column, Neighborhood Heroes. Every month we’ll share the story of a community member or members including residents, businesses, organizations, and property owners who’ve taken it upon themselves to do something to better their slice of the neighborhood. This month: Turk Street Neighbors

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