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TL Youth Organize 'Unity Fundraiser'

Youth from Boys and Girls Club Tenderloin Clubhouse have worked together to produce an eclectic arts showcase as part of a fundraiser for the Keystone Club, a leadership group of youth ages 14-18. This event offers an in-depth look at the Tenderloin through the eyes of our Teens.  Art, performances, a Ted Talk-like presentation, among other activities will spearhead a night of community connectivity.

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Dinh Tran, skater from Tenderloin, medals at nationals [The Mercury News]

Tran lives with his mom and brothers in a studio and has pursued his passion for figure skating with tenacity and grace. We're happy to learn, as the above-headline reads, that Tran did quite well, snagging a silver medal in the US Junior Mens National tournament. Congratulations to Tran and his entire family.

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Hidden Gem: Inside The Tenderloin National Forest [Hoodline]

The Tenderloin National Forest, nestled between the Aarti and Senator Hotels, was built and sustained by the surrounding community. The space was envisioned by Darryl Smith, who also co-founded the Luggage Store Gallery, a nonprofit arts organization, with Laurie Lazer.

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