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Neighborhood Hero Sharen "Grandma/G-Ma" Hewitt, in memoriam

The Tenderloin is better because G-Ma spent her last years here. She insisted on unity across cultures and language in the Tenderloin. She welcomed her neighbors. As founding co-chair of the Tenderloin People’s Congress, she worked to galvanize resident voice and lift up solutions to the challenges affecting the quality of their lives.

A memorial service will be held Monday, March 5, at 11am at Third Baptist Church 1399 McAllister at Pierce. 

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The Compton's Cafeteria Riot play has sold out, waitlist opens

The Compton’s Cafeteria Riot play produced by the Tenderloin Museum has sold out its entire run. But don’t toss your saltshakers just yet, word on the street is cast and crew are working together to add shows. Join the waitlist to be notified if/when tickets become available. To sign up, click here.

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Re-Read The Tenderloin Times, at the Tenderloin Museum [SF Weekly]

The Tenderloin Museum’s new exhibit, “Voice of the Central City: The Tenderloin Times, 1977-94,” is a bittersweet look at the little paper that could. Funded by Hospitality House and grant money, The Tenderloin Timeswas the right paper at the right time — staffed by idealists like Rob Watersand Sara Colm, who made sure that under-reported issues like homelessness were reported with the seriousness they deserved.

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TNDC Publishes Free E-book, Provides a History of the Neighborhood and Its People

TNDC at 35, which features interactive components including video interviews and historic photographs, not only chronicles the work of TNDC but is full of interesting Tenderloin history.

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