TLCBD Renewed with Resounding Support!


June 25 was a big day for the future of the TLCBD’s neighborhood serving programs as we successfully passed the final phase of the assessment renewal process with a 8-0 vote by the Board of Supervisors to renew the TLCBD. TLCBD was established in 2005 on a 15-year timeline. The successful renewal campaign solidifies our work for another fifteen years! Find out more about the renewal process.

What stood out more than the outcome was the supporters who came to speak on behalf of TLCBD and their neighborhood. Dozens of people turned out to talk about why the TLCBD was important to them. They told personal stories about how their connections with our Corner Captains, our Clean Team and our staff had made a difference in their daily walks, the cleanliness of their sidewalk, their feeling of safety and their connection to the community.

You can watch the video from the Public Hearing at City Hall to hear the comments yourself. As TLCBD’s Executive Director Simon Bertrang highlights, “what really stood out to us was the broad range of people who spoke on our behalf—not only demonstrating the diversity of the neighborhood but also showing that we had support from all kinds of property owners, residents, businesses and neighborhood groups. It really felt like the Tenderloin showed up to ask the Board to support us.”

The Tenderloin property owners gave us a resounding vote of confidence: We have 15 more years of their investment and trust to keep working to lead the evolution of the Tenderloin into a vibrant community for ALL. In order to pass renewal successfully we needed 50%+1 of the votes in our favor. We received an overwhelming 83% of the ballots in favor of supporting the TLCBD.

Thanks to all of you for the energy and time you have poured into this organization and our work. Staff is excited, relieved and energized to start the next phase of the TLCBD…