Safe Passage works to build a culture of safety, helping people feel safe and be safe through Education, Visibility, and Engagement.

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What started over ten years ago as a volunteer effort of neighborhood moms and community leaders has grown into a multi-faceted collaborative program under the umbrella of the TLCBD.

The Tenderloin is home to an estimated 3,500 children who must navigate their way to and from school, and other activities. In 2008, a group of mothers came together to find new ways to keep their children safe. Today, Safe Passage is a coalition of mothers, youth, seniors, volunteers and service providers who are building a culture of safety under the umbrella of the TLCBD.

Safe Passage works to help people feel safe and be safe through:


We provide training for ourselves and others with a curriculum based in personal safety skills, including situational awareness; clear communication; calm, respectful confidence; harm reduction and positive engagement. We always seek opportunities and partnership to grow our training capabilities.


Our programs are about increasing a positive presence on the sidewalks and at intersections: greeting people, responding to emergencies, assisting in crosswalks, and reducing harmful activities by being present and welcoming.


We do not remove people from the sidewalks. We are not enforcement. Instead we include everyone and welcome every person to be a part of our coordinated effort.


Corner Captains are the backbone of TLCBD Safe Passage program. They promote a culture of safety in the Tenderloin and assist others as they navigate through busy streets and intersections. Since shelter-in-place, the team has also started assisting with grocery delivery and at the Tenderloin food pantry. Stipends are available to those who qualify and can commit to 3 to 5 days a week. Click here for more information.


Many volunteers report feeling inspired with a deeper understanding of the neighborhood. All shifts are approximately two hours. For more information on Safe Passage, or to volunteer click here.


Your investment in this program is not just about creating a culture of safety in the Tenderloin, it’s about changing lives. Every day we impact children, seniors, and other community members while advocating for a safer neighborhood. Beyond the daily impact, your investment improves the lives of both our resident Corner Captains, as well as the communities they serve while fostering community connection and neighborhood pride.

We’ve come a long way. Help us to continue and grow this program. Donate today.


The Safe Passage Senior program is the result of a one year planning and research effort undertaken in collaboration with Curry Senior Center, San Francisco Senior Center, Little Brothers/Friends of the Elderly, and St. Francis Living Room. Safe Passage Senior works to increase safety and perception of safety for seniors in the Tenderloin.

Safe Passage Senior serves as a senior workforce development model. Programming/activities include assistance with street crossings, community safety trainings, & safe escort services. Safe Passage Senior works in collaboration with students and faculty at UCSF & USF on groundbreaking research of senior safety in the Tenderloin. This program has been made possible with funding from Saint Francis Foundation’s Tenderloin HIP, Sutter Health, San Francisco Office of Economic and Workforce Development (OEWD), as well as grants from Vision Zero and the San Francisco Police Officers Association.