Safe passage

The Tenderloin is home to an estimated 3,500 children who must navigate their way to and from school, and other activities. In 2008, a group of mothers came together to find new ways to keep their children safe. Today, Safe Passage is a coalition of mothers, youth, seniors, volunteers and service providers who are building a culture of safety under the umbrella of the TLCBD. Safe Passage works to help people feel safe and be safe through:

  • Education
    • Corner Captains are trained to respond to different emergencies while rerouting children to avoid traumatic situations. Safety training is provided to all Corner Captains and to any group in the community.
  • Involvement
    • Many of our Corner Captains are residents and parents in the neighborhood. We work to provide them with opportunities for growth, leadership, and development. We also build connectedness at a street level through our daily involvement in Safe Passage.
  •  Visibility
    • We maintain a daily positive presence with visual cues including bright vests and signage. To view the Safe Passage data and stats Year to Date, click here.

For more information on Safe Passage, or to volunteer click here.



Safe Passage Senior