TLCBD Core Framework
for a Healthy Neighborhood for ALL

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The TLCBD Vision 2020 is a multi-year, multi-faceted healthy neighborhood program to improve the Usability, Livability and Sustainability of the Tenderloin. The program is an implementation strategy that grows from and is guided by our core purpose:


Vision 2020 is illustrated in our core framework, which is comprised of three principle focus areas that guide the TLCBD’s work to positively impact the neighborhood.



Physical Environment

The physical environment of a neighborhood is made up of three major components: clean, safe, and inviting public space. Without these characteristics neighborhoods are less likely to be usable, livable, or sustainable.

Having safe, clean, welcoming places for the community to connect to is essential to the health of a neighborhood. Projects to improve the physical environment around the Tenderloin include:

  • Clean Team
  • Safe Passage
  • Larkin Street Lighting
  • Hyde/Turk Park
  • Banners
  • Taylor Street Improvements
  • Cameras
  • Wellness Trail


Neighborhood Pride

An important element of a healthy neighborhood is Neighborhood Pride. The way residents and businesses think and talk about their neighborhood plays a major role in determining how they use the neighborhood.

The TLCBD is nurturing that pride through a variety of projects and programs Including:

  • Banners
  • Safe Passage
  • Wellness Trail
  • Community Meetings
  • Community Engagement


Economic Opportunity

One of the keys to a healthy neighborhood is economic opportunity. Whether that means creating jobs, keeping jobs and businesses, or recruiting businesses, a healthy neighborhood is one where opportunity and potential employment for the community exists and thrives. The TLCBD is currently creating jobs and supporting business through its projects and programs including:

  • Clean Team
  • Safe Passage
  • Safe Passage Senior
  • Larking Street Association
  • TLCBD Office
  • Other Partnership