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New Zealand Herald Spotlights the Tenderloin

Recently the New Zealand Herald wrote an article about the Tenderloin, and how its been able to largely withstand many of the gentrification issues that have faced the City at-large. The article highlights some of the challenges as well as some of the unique qualities that make the Tenderloin a beautiful place. There’s are also quotes in there from Del Seymour of Code Tenderloin and TLCBD’s Director of Communications, Fernando Pujals.

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Why Hasn't the Tenderloin Gentrified Like the Rest of San Francisco? [KQED]

KQED's Bay Curious, a podcast which investigates listener submitted questions, spent some time looking into the question:  "Why hasn't the Tenderloin gentrified like the rest of San Francisco?" As part of their investigation, KQED's team took a walking tour with longtime resident, tour guide, and performer, Pam Coates. Check out the show here.

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