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San Francisco police keeping the heat on Tenderloin and SoMa drug dealers [SF Chronicle]

Since October, 288 arrests were made by police under an ongoing surveillance operation designed to clean up downtown. Their arrests also count among the 600 drug dealing busts in the Tenderloin this year. While the ultimate goal is to drive the dealers away, given the revolving door at the Hall of Justice, the suspects often are back on the streets within days. The debate continues as to what to do to reduce crime in the streets and where the weaknesses are within the system. Read more via the SF Chronicle.

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The Tenderloin and SoMa: San Francisco’s safe sites for drug dealers [SF Chronicle]

In a recent position paper, we noted the drug trade as the most frustrating and difficult issue affecting our community. We hear regularly from parents, merchants, and residents about these impacts. In recent years we’ve made strides and continue to push our safety efforts through our programs, including Cleaning, Safe Passage, Block Safety and the Camera Network, as well as through our partnerships, including with law enforcement, criminal justice, harm reduction, health workers and city partners. TLCBD is dedicated to leading the evolution of the Tenderloin into a vibrant community for ALL. Read Heather Knight’s column more on SF Chronicle here. Read Heather Knight’s column more on SF Chronicle here.

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