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'Came Here to Live' ABD Productions/ Skywatchers Performance (May 17-19)

ABD Productions presents the Skywatchers ensemble in We Came Here to Live, the featured performance of Skywatchers’ 8th annual Festival, At the Table: Visions, May 17-19. Tickets are for performances only. Community meal (Sat) is first come first serve- Tenderloin residents strongly encouraged to attend. For tickets and additional info, click here.

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Arts, Culture Thriving in SF's Tenderloin [Beyond Chron]

Beyond Chron looks at the Tenderloin's long surging theater arts scene. But it's about more than what's on stage. At a recent meet and greet held at PianoFight, representatives from several Tenderloin theater and arts organizations along with residents had a chance to talk with and listen to new station Captain Carl Fabbri about their experience in the neighborhood.

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The theater of real life in the Tenderloin [SF Chronicle]

Over the years, Skywatchers performances have evolved from regular meetings in community rooms with artist facilitators and artist residents, lending a vehicle of artistic expression to daily experience. With a recent NEA grant, Bluethenthal and the entire Skywatchers ensemble hope to take their advocacy to another level.

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