Safe Passage: 10 Year anniversary STRONG

What started ten years ago as a volunteer effort of neighborhood moms and community leaders has grown into a multi-faceted collaborative program under the umbrella of the TLCBD. On November 14 we had our official birthday celebration at PianoFight, guest hosted by Honey Mahogany of the Compton’s Transgender Cultural District, and are continuing to fundraise for the next 10 years!

We've come a long way. Help us to continue and grow this program. Donate today.


Many volunteers report feeling inspired with a deeper understanding of the neighborhood. All shifts are approximately two hours. For more information on Safe Passage, or to volunteer click here.


The Tenderloin is home to an estimated 3,500 children who must navigate their way to and from school, and other activities. In 2008, a group of mothers came together to find new ways to keep their children safe. Today, Safe Passage is a coalition of mothers, youth, seniors, volunteers and service providers who are building a culture of safety under the umbrella of the TLCBD. Safe Passage works to help people feel safe and be safe through:

  • Education

    • We provide training for ourselves and others with a curriculum based in personal safety skills, including situational awareness; clear communication; calm, respectful confidence; harm reduction and positive engagement. We always seek opportunities and partnership to grow our training capabilities.

  • Visibility

    • Our programs are about increasing a positive presence on the sidewalks and at intersections: greeting people, responding to emergencies, assisting in crosswalks, and reducing harmful activities by being present and welcoming.

  • Engagement

    • We do not remove people from the sidewalks. We are not enforcement. Instead we include everyone and welcome every person to be a part of our coordinated effort.


Why support this program?

Your investment in this program is not just about creating a culture of safety in the Tenderloin, it’s about changing lives. Every day we impact children, seniors, and other community members while advocating for a safer neighborhood. Beyond the daily impact, your investment improves the lives of both our resident Corner Captains, as well as the communities they serve while fostering community connection and neighborhood pride.

Email Kate [at] tlcbd [dot] org for sponsorship opportunities and help set the foundation for the next ten years! Any amount is welcome but see our sponsorship levels below for an idea of how you can contribute.

get involved! Here are our sponsorship levels


TEN-DER HEART Sponsorship | $20,000 & up

$20,000 funds a part-time staff position including benefits, to a former volunteer Corner Captain.

We currently have seven staff positions that grew from our volunteer positions. The story of our growth is the story of economic opportunity within the local community. We’ve grown over the last couple years to be able to hire the Tenderloin residents who’ve proven their commitment to improving their neighborhood through this program. There is a deep need for more, and there are resident Corner Captains waiting for their chance. This significant is the speed to growing our program for ten more years. It’s about people!

Full details on our sponsorship perks.



$10,000.00 funds one staff member at Turk-Hyde Mini Park for the program year.

Our presence at Turk Hyde Mini Park creates a cleaner, safer, and healthier environment not just for the youth, seniors, and adults inside the park, but for the entire community in the area immediately surrounding it. This investment works to not only change the life of our dedicated resident Corner Captains, but potentially affects countless others.

Full details on our sponsorship perks.


CON-TEN-DER | $5,000 & up

$5,000.00 funds Safe Passage safety vests, signs, and jackets.

A key component of our work to to create a culture of safety in the neighborhood is visibility. Did you know that the presence of a visible Safe Passage Corner Captain reduces negativity on the sidewalk by 33%. When children approach our team with huge smiles, to say thank you, or ‘have a safe day’ it is the visibility of our equipment, including vests, that tips them to our presence.

Full details on our sponsorship perks.

have a different sponsorship amount in mind? Email for additional opportunities.