Micro Neighborhood Cleaning Program

Micro Neighborhood Map

Micro Neighborhood Map


TLCBD has secured $100,000 from Supervisor Jane Kim's District 6 budget to match private investment. Each Micro Neighborhood costs $60,000 to operate for one year. This makes the total private investment needed to begin operations just $40,000.

After the TLCBD Renewal in 2020, this initiative will become our standard service, and not a recurring fundraising need.

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bring the micro neighborhood cleaning program to your block!

Program Highlights:

Meet Hector, the Larkin-Little Saigon Micro Neighborhood Clean Team Member

Meet Hector, the Larkin-Little Saigon Micro Neighborhood Clean Team Member

  • Cleaner sidewalks and increased safety

  • Clean Team Member you know by name

  • More engaged, proactive service

  • Prompt coordination with TLCBD pressure washer

  • TLCBD Clean Team Hot Line

  • Proactive response to graffiti and removal within 24 hours 

  • Prompt coordination with partner agencies

  • Cost savings on private cleaning/security where applicable

  • Cost savings in reduction/elimination of fines

Larkin-Little Saigon Micro Neighborhood

The first Micro Neighborhood Program was launched in June 2018 along the Larkin Street-Little Saigon Corridor with funding from San Francisco Office of Economic and Workforce Development Invest in Neighborhoods. Merchants, hotel managers, residents, and other community members have noted the difference.

Measuring Success: In May 2018, before the micro neighborhood program on Larkin, the TLCBD Clean Team was able to reconcile 81 instances of needed attention, including responses to feces, needles, illegal dumping, and graffiti. In the month of July, after the Larkin-Little Saigon Micro Neighborhood Cleaning Program launch, our more engaged, proactive, response more than tripled to 277.

It’s made a huge difference for us. It was like night and day from when the program started. I want to see this extend beyond Larkin down Eddy Street and to the rest of the neighborhood. The Clean Team has set a different tone in the Tenderloin, giving locals and tourists more confidence to walk our streets and an image of hard work for the betterment of this district.
— Fernando Arizaga Tenderloin resident and General Manager, HTL 587 (Larkin and Eddy)
I know the residents in addition to the people working in the Tenderloin greatly appreciate it.
— Officer Adam Matthews (Larkin & Golden Gate)
It certainly has made a difference. It’s much cleaner than before and we would like to see more. For the businesses, people want to go in the door where it’s clean. If it’s not clean, they will go somewhere else.
— Krishna “Kris” Raddy Owner, SF Print, 23 years (Larkin & Turk)

bring the micro neighborhood cleaning program to your block!

Program Background

Our Clean Team currently takes a District-wide, route-based approach, supplemented by “Hot Spot” responses.

TLCBD is creating a new “Micro Neighborhood” system, which will provide cleaner sidewalks throughout the day and allow more engagement, focus, and connection with the community.

As part of the TLCBD Micro Neighborhood Cleaning Program, we have identified six, smaller geographic areas within the District boundaries to be created as micro neighborhoods. Each micro neighborhood will have a dedicated TLCBD Clean Team Member who will get to know the businesses and residents of their “beat,” providing better, more engaged and focused service.

Under the current route-based approach, Clean Team members may pass a storefront or residence once a day. Due to the challenges of our sidewalks, these areas often become dirty again; sometimes within hours. Under a Micro Neighborhood approach the Clean Team Member will pass a storefront, home, or business a minimum of three times per day, and will never be too far away from any location in the Micro Neighborhood. This focused attention will foster connection and pride and sense of safety among neighbors, potentially shifting negative behavior such as littering over time.

bring the micro neighborhood cleaning program to your block!


TLCBD Annual Cleaning Statistics Highlights (May 2017 to May 2018)

TLCBD has removed the following from District boundaries:

  • 387,876 lbs. of trash

  • 26,287 needles

  • 1936 instances human/animal waste

  • 11521 graffiti/stickers removed


Before and After Photos from the Larkin Micro Neighborhood