Tenderloin Camera program


In partnership with the Union Square Business Improvement District and funding from the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, the TLCBD has installed cameras in areas that have been identified as hot spots for violent and drug-related crimes. Installing cameras in these areas will help prevent, prosecute and deter crime. Currently, the TLCBD has worked to install 20 multi-sensor cameras with three views each for a total of 60 different views across 7 locations. Surveillance footage is unmonitored, and only accessed upon proper request. The TLCBD works closely with the SFPD to provide video footage when requested to help with crimes committed in the district. Staff, directed by the board has begun looking for opportunities to expand the camera program.

If you’d like to learn more about adding cameras to your building, or would like to explore the benefits of linking existing cameras to the TLCBD network, contact us