2017 Board Membership

Board requirements

The 2017 Application Period has ended. If interested in being on the board please join one of the committees to start helping in the neighborhood until the next Application Period opens May 2018.


Serving on the Board of Director’s is a rewarding volunteer opportunity. As a member, individuals have the opportunity to help navigate and oversee the organization’s mission and goals for the district and community. To serve as a Board member, individuals must be a resident, business or property owner representative within the District boundaries. One ‘at-large’ seat is allowed, which can be resident, business, property owner, or community member with direct ties to the Tenderloin.

Becoming a Board member, at the minimum, obligates you to at least 4-6 hours of Board and Committee meetings per month for two years, plus proactive volunteer work on behalf of the organization in resource development, outreach/community liaison, and commitment to special projects. Please note the Board attendance policy: Two (2) unexcused and three (excused) absences in a year of a full board meeting(s) would prompt an Executive Committee review and recommendation for removal from Board membership.        

Board Election Procedure…Annual Meeting July 17, 2017

1.         Application Period Opens: posted on website and Tenderloin Talk, May 15, 2017

2.         Director Applications Due: 30 days prior to the annual meeting, June 16, 2017

3.         The Board will conduct interviews of eligible applicants prior to the annual meeting

4.         The Board will be notified of the eligible applicants and the interview schedule at least 20    
            days prior to the annual meeting.

5.         Names of all eligible applicants will be posted on the website 20 days prior to the annual

6.         Names of the eligible applicants for all open Board seats shall be presented to the Board at
            the annual meeting.

7.         Each currently seated board member shall have one vote for each position to be filled.
            Votes must be cast in person.     

8.         The candidate receiving the highest number of votes in each category shall be elected.


Open Seats:               4 Property Owner within the District Seats

                                 3 Resident within the District Seats

                                 1 Business Owner within the District Seat


Interested in becoming a TLCBD Board of Directors member?
Click the link above to fill out the application. If qualified you will hear from us the week of June 19th to schedule an interview.

All applications are due by 5pm on June 16th. Thank you.

Questions or to just say hello, click HERE.