2019 Board Membership

Join the Board

The application process is now closed for the Board of Directors. Elections will take place Monday, July 22, 2019, during the monthly Board of Directors Meeting, 5pm, 512 Ellis Street. If you have applied for a seat, you will be contacted directly. For any questions, email info@tlcbd.org.

Current Open Seats           

  • 6 Property Owners (or a representative) of a property in the District and current on assessment payment

  • 2 Residents of the District who are not property owners or business owners in the District

  • 2 Business Owners, including non-profits, who are not commercial property owners in the District

Current Candidates

  • Property Owner Candidates: Soha Abdou, Rhiannon Baillard, Beth Borgna, Regina Guggenheim, Susie McKinnon, Molly Salyer, Adam Tetenbaum

  • Resident Candidates: Blake Blinkley, Curtis Bradford, Kristen Villalobos

  • Business Owner Candidates: Lowell Caulder, Mike Vuong

Why Join?

Serving on the Board of Directors is a rewarding volunteer opportunity. As a member, individuals have the opportunity to help navigate and oversee the organization’s mission and goals for the District and community.

Board Composition: The TLCBD Board is comprised of District property owners (7 seats), business owners (3 seats), residents (3 seats) within the District boundaries, and 'at-large’ representatives (2 seats). ‘At-large’ seats can be resident, business owner, property owner, or community member (not bound by District boundary) serving to further the TLCBD's Core Purpose of Leading the evolution of the Tenderloin into a vibrant community for ALL.


A TLCBD Board Member is committing to at least 4-6 hours of their time to the TLCBD per month, for a two-year term. In addition to participating in monthly meetings, Board Members are expected to review important documents in advance of meetings and to volunteer for special projects or to serve on Ad Hoc Committees.  

We expect regular attendance at the monthly Board meetings and a minimum of one monthly Committee meeting.  Occasional absences are to be expected; however, in order to complete the work of the Board and to respect the time of your fellow Board Members, we rely on advance notice for any absence and keeping any absences to a minimum, and never more than 3 within a year.

Board Election Procedure and Timeline

  • July 22, 2019:  Board elections will be held.  Each currently seated board member shall have one vote. Votes must be cast in person. The candidate receiving the highest number of votes in each category shall be elected.

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