TLCBD starts Block Safety Group trainings. Connect with a group near you!


Block safety groups have been identified as one of the best ways to connect neighbors, and improve the overall safety and cleanliness of an area on a localized level. TLCBD has begun connecting people to these groups and have started a training program, adapted from the Safe Passage program.

These 2-hour training sessions are available to all Tenderloin block safety groups at no cost, and aims to build consistency in skills and best practices across these groups.

For the first training, 8 people were in attendance, including members of the 200 Turk Street group, and Better Lower Eddy Street. The group was trained on approaches to cleaning in a safe and welcoming way, strategies to increase positive engagement, as well as the importance of emergency planning.

If you are interested in connecting with your block safety group or receiving one of these training for your group, contact us: info (at) TLCBD [dot] org.