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Every first Friday is 4 Corner Friday! Go out & meet some neighbors!

Each first Friday of the month is “Four Corner Friday!” Community groups and neighbors are encouraged to go out; mix, mingle, and meet some new people. Find us stationed in front of the TLCBD Office (512 Ellis St) and look for balloons throughout the neighborhood.

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Safety, Community Programs Resume Today At Turk-Hyde Mini Park [Hoodline]

The Tenderloin Community Benefit District is launching a new two-year fundraising campaign today, after receiving new funding for its programing at the Turk-Hyde Mini Park . . .

Anyone interested in supporting the TLCBD’s efforts at the park financially or through volunteering is encouraged to contact Pujals or Tak.

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Welcome Captain Carl Fabbri

The Tenderloin Community Benefit District would like to welcome new Tenderloin Station Captain Carl Fabbri. Captain Fabbri has been spotted numerous times this week making rounds meeting community members. The station will not hold its regular monthly Captain’s meeting in October, but will resume at its regularly scheduled last Tuesday of the month in November.

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October 2nd, Community Meeting for Bubbles

With the help of Supervisor Jane Kim's office, the folks at RS94109 (835 Larkin St San Francisco) will host a community meeting on October 2nd, at 5:00pm to to get updates directly from the police and local elected officials about the murder of Bubbles and steps being taken to address the many challenges of the Tenderloin/Larkin Street Corridor.

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T.L. Stop the Violence Festival Takes Over Jones Street 9/23

Youth leaders from the Tenderloin and other San Francisco neighborhoods have been the driving organizers behind the event, which calls for a day of "fun, healing, and great entertainment" in response to recent violence in the neighborhood.

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Every First Friday, It's 4 Corner Friday. Plus Block Fest At CounterPulse

In addition to the usual neighborhood-wide celebratory spirit of 4 Corner Friday, head over to 80 Turk for CounterPulse's Block Fest. All happening between 3-5pm at various corners throughout the Tenderloin this Friday September 1st.

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