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Every first Friday is 4 Corner Friday! Go out & meet some neighbors!

Each first Friday of the month is “Four Corner Friday!” Community groups and neighbors are encouraged to go out; mix, mingle, and meet some new people. Find us stationed in front of the TLCBD Office (512 Ellis St) and look for balloons throughout the neighborhood.

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Arts, Culture Thriving in SF's Tenderloin [Beyond Chron]

Beyond Chron looks at the Tenderloin's long surging theater arts scene. But it's about more than what's on stage. At a recent meet and greet held at PianoFight, representatives from several Tenderloin theater and arts organizations along with residents had a chance to talk with and listen to new station Captain Carl Fabbri about their experience in the neighborhood.

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Every First Friday, It's 4 Corner Friday. Plus Block Fest At CounterPulse

In addition to the usual neighborhood-wide celebratory spirit of 4 Corner Friday, head over to 80 Turk for CounterPulse's Block Fest. All happening between 3-5pm at various corners throughout the Tenderloin this Friday September 1st.

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