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GLIDE at odds with Methodist church, calls for unity with SF

GLIDE recently announced news that the United Methodist Church would be pulling their pastors starting July 1, with no clear plans to replace them. As reported by the San Francisco Chronicle, GLIDE's "emphasis on social services and not enough on church" is at the root of the problem and leads to a deeper concern about a "possible a split with the national United Methodist Church altogether." On Thursday, June 21, GLIDE's leadership, friend, and supporters held a Unity Rally at City Hall.

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TL Solidarity invite you to, The Story of Us, storytelling workshop event

TL Solidarity has an event coming up called, The Story of Us on Wednesday March 7th from 2-5pm at Alexander Residence, 230 Eddy Street in the community room.

Come learn more about strategies that you can use to tell your story! Attend an active listening workshop and story strategy workshop! Participate in interactive activities! Enjoy music! Food will be served!

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