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Neighborhood Hero: Officer Eric Robinson

From the moment TLCBD communications staff discussed regularly nominating heroes, Safe Passage Corner Captains put forth Officer Eric Robinson as a ‘must recognize’. Have a nomination for our neighborhood heroes column? Tell Acts of beauty and courage are never too small, and at this time nominations of any kind are considered.

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Hurricane Katrina evacuees in Bay Area: Where are they now? [SF Chronicle}

SF Chronicle's Jenna Lyons profiles Diane Evans, who found herself in the Bay Area following Hurricane Katrina's devastation of her home in New Orleans. Evans now lives at Curry Senior Center. In this article, written in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, Evans' spirit shines as she reflects on the harrowing journey. Read the full story on SF Chronicle.

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Tenderloin Safe Passage, Checking in . . . Volume 1

When Safe Passage Corner Captain teams are out along "the Route", safe protocols call for regular check-ins over walkie-talkie. In this regular column, we'll share with you updates, field notes, and other highlights from this important program.

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