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Exile in the Tenderloin: The quest for a future at San Francisco’s only Sudanese cafe [SF Chronicle]

Z Zoul, which opened in February, may be the Bay Area’s only Sudanese restaurant. While its owner is making repairs and meeting with agencies, it is still finding its way — a place to stop for spiced coffee or a dish called foul masalah. Yet it’s also a sign that the Tenderloin remains one of the few spots in San Francisco where a new immigrant, idealistic and impatient to work, can go into business for himself.

“It would take five or six days to tell my story,” Elgaali says.

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Tenderloin destination Hai Ky Mi Gia captures multiple immigrant identities [SF Chronicle]

But that is what makes Hai Ky Mi Gia so unique among the countless pho places in both the immediate neighborhood and the greater Bay Area: It offers a cuisine that encapsulates two immigrant identities and thus, a refuge for many.

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Beyond the bean: Coffee importer’s conscience fuels Eggers’ adventure story [SF Chronicle]

David Eggers, acclaimed author and founder of 826 Valencia, which opened the Tenderloin Center in 2016, has released his latest book, The Monk of Mokha, which tells the harrowing story of Mokhtar Alkhanshali. Raised in the Tenderloin, Alkhanshaji first made news in 2015, when he shared his journey to secure coffee beans from his family's homeland of Yemen amid an escalating war. Now the pair have been traveling around the City promoting the book while providing opportunity for Tenderloin youth through a scholarship program. Read more at SF Chronicle

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