Mayor Breed talks Tenderloin at National Conference of Mayors

At the Conference of Mayors in Washington D.C. on Thursday, January 24, San Francisco Mayor London Breed spoke directly to a national audience about the City’s challenges—and specifically the Tenderloin. Mayor Breed drew on her life experience to comment on the complexities between law enforcement, social justice, and economic opportunity inherent in the pervasive drug trade that disproportionately affects Tenderloin residents and people of color. Beyond Chron deemed the speech as “historic” for the Tenderloin due to the Mayor’s candidness in regards to drug dealing in the neighborhood.

The pressures facing the Tenderloin are nothing new, and while there has been an ebb and flow in the level of engagement from City officials, we hope that the recent local and national spotlight—including District 6 Supervisor Matt Haney’s recent interview with SF Chronicle—are signs that we are embarking on a path toward sustainable, positive changes for the neighborhood.

TLCBD is already working with community members and partners to align work in order to see a Tenderloin that thrives. Join us in this work.

The Tenderloin cannot be the place to contain the problems San Francisco faces, but the place to identify and implement the solutions. We believe the Tenderloin possesses all the attributes to be successful. Through an equitable distribution of Citywide resources, unconventional partnerships, and most importantly, the people of the neighborhood coming together with a united voice, we can achieve what many might believe impossible—a vibrant community for ALL.

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