Want to join a TLCBD Committee? Here's how.


Would you like to get involved in supporting the TLCBD’s work in leading the evolution of the Tenderloin into a vibrant community for ALL? Consider joining a committee.

Committees work with staff to drive projects, evaluate programs, and develop initiatives core to the TLCBD’s framework for a healthy and vibrant neighborhood.

If you would like to join a committee or would like more information please send us a note by clicking here and check the Board & Committees page for the list of committees and the schedule.

Here are some brief descriptions of each of the committees:

Safe Committee

The Safe Committee oversees the TLCBD Safe Passage Program as well as other safety initiatives such as traffic and pedestrian safety.

Clean Committee

The Clean Committee oversees and drives the TLCBD’s approach to supplemental cleaning services in the neighborhood. The committee provides governance and accountability to all TLCBD contracted cleaning partners.

Neighborhood Pride

The Neighborhood Pride Committee leads all efforts related to supporting community connection and voice as well as storytelling efforts of the organization.

Inviting Space

The Inviting Space Committee leads design projects within the neighborhood and supports the Parks Network and other community pride through environmental design projects.

Economic Opportunity

The Economic Opportunity Committee will support new programs for an equitable and thriving business environment in the Tenderloin.