German President Visits St. Anthony’s Homeless Service Center in the Tenderloin


On June 20, German President-elect Frank-Walter Steinmeier visited St. Anthony's Foundation to get a better understanding of what types of responses there can be to urban homelessness. President Steinmeier was accompanied by his wife, Elke Büdenbender, and a delegation of high-ranking German officials and other cultural dignitaries.

Digniaries toured facilities, where those experiencing homelessness are able to access clean clothes and hygiene items at the St. Anthony Free Clothing Program; and how the Tech Lab provides a literal network for helping keeping people connected with family and other vital services.

The tour included the Gubbio Project, which offers 'sacred sleep' to people experiencing homelessness. Each day, Gubbio Project opens the pews of St. Boniface church to those needing rest.

This story was also covered by Palo Alto's Daily Post

The position of president in Germany is largely ceremonial, according to CNN, because the chancellor is the official head of government and has a higher profile on the world stage.