Photos & recap from Tenderloin Talk LIVE with Supervisor Matt Haney


We’d like to express our appreciation to everyone who attended the most recent Tenderloin Talk LIVE event on Wednesday March 13th.

We’re inspired and energized by the many community members in attendance—engaged and ready for positive changes in the Tenderloin!

Special thanks to Supervisor Matt Haney for speaking at the event and fielding many thoughtful questions from the audience. Below are event highlights and a call to action ahead of a hearing, called by Supervisor Haney, to address open drug dealing. You can read Haney’s full press release about the hearing here.

The theme of this event revolved around addressing one of the most complex, persistent, and longstanding issues facing the Tenderloin: open drug dealing.

This event would not have been possible without the support of our neighbors from Boys & Girls Club, YMCA SF, SF Rec and Park, Z Zoul Café, Saint Francis Foundation, SFOEWD, La Voz Latina for translation assistance, and Honey Mahogany.


Recap, Highlights, and a Call to Action

During this Tenderloin Talk LIVE event, TLCBD staff previewed the Tenderloin Thrives initiative. Tenderloin Thrives is a commitment to no longer turning our backs on the harm experienced in the neighborhood as a result of, and in periphery to, the drug trade.

While we face many intersecting challenges, we believe there is no path to a healthy and vibrant community for ALL without directly working to change deep-rooted systems that allow this harm to persist. The drug trade in the Tenderloin is not a victimless crime. It affects everyone—including the most vulnerable, low-income people of color, and the unsheltered.

This initiative is the culmination of an ongoing dialogue that spans years of neighborhood experience, including personal relationships, community meetings, Tenderloin Talk LIVE events, letters, emails, TLCBD board and staff retreats.

TLCBD is calling for unity and solidarity within the Tenderloin community. While many have varying opinions, ideas, and priorities around the issue of drug dealing, we will arrive at the current status quo if we cannot find common ground on which to act.

When asked whether the current status quo was acceptable, the diverse audience responded with a resounding NO!

Tenderloin Thrives is comprised of two main paths:

  1. Cultivate a community-led response through block-based groups to foster connection, engagement and positive activation. TLCBD will continue to support community members through programs such as Safe Passage and Clean Team services, as well as expand work with block-based groups.

  2. A call for a City task force that includes a broad range of perspective, expertise, and resources, including residents and people to be considered ‘the problem’. The task force would work to upend ineffective and longstanding, deep-rooted systems that create harm, trauma, and other negativity.

You will be hearing more about Tenderloin Thrives in the coming weeks and months as we work to create pathways out of systemic issues that allow this harm to persist.

Following the presentation of Tenderloin Thrives, TLCBD staff posed a series of questions to Supervisor Matt Haney, who then responded to a lighting round of questions, comments, and ideas related to drug dealing and other issues from the audience.

Supervisor Haney expressed his love and appreciation for the neighborhood. He affirmed the need to face challenges head on and to work together. He supported the idea of neighbors coming together with a laser-focused, block-based approach.

In addition, the supervisor unveiled a 10-point plan to address cleanliness issues in the district. Among the points, he called for an increase of tamper-resistant trashcans, expansion of staffed public restrooms (including a 24-hour Pit Stop), focused ‘Micro Neighborhood” cleaning as presented by TLCBD. The plan also included increased pressure washing, a strategy for reducing animal waste, more needle boxes, accountability, and beautification.

Supervisor Haney acknowledged that many of his points had come from dialogue with community, including residents, the Tenderloin People’s Congress, and District 6 Community Benefit District.


A Call to Action

Supervisor Haney has also called for a hearing on drug dealing, which will take place April 25th at 10am at City Hall during the Public Safety Committee.

Supervisor Haney encouraged the community to show up, speak out, and to meet with other district supervisors or their staff to educate them on the impact of drug dealing in the Tenderloin, but also on the city at large. Furthermore, the community should encourage these supervisors to be present at the hearing.

We are calling on Tenderloin community members to join us in marching to City Hall on April 25th to support for this hearing and to furthermore add your voice in calling for a taskforce.

In the immediate, we encourage you to connect with us to get involved. Contact us at info [at] tlcbd [dot] org.