Safer Inside: Whether you call it a Safe Injection Site or an Overdose Prevention Site, the goal is to save lives


This week (August 28 – 31, 2018)  Safer Inside's demonstration site is in full swing with tours to the press and public. The goal? To show what a full-scale, operational demonstration model of an overdose prevention site would look like.

As shared on NBC, visitors included Mayor London Breed and other local government officials. Currently, the California Assembly has approved SB186, which would allow SF to pilot safe consumption sites. The SF Examiner reports the bill is currently headed to Gov. Jerry Brown for his signature and it's unclear yet if the bill will be passed there. The Trump administration has expressed disapproval and threatened action against cities and states who open such facilities.

The Safer Inside Demonstration was presented by the Safer Inside community partners, including Saint Francis Foundation/Tenderloin Health Improvement Partnership (TLHIP), Drug Policy Alliance, Capital One Design Pro Bono, GLIDE, St. Anthony Foundation, and Zendesk. 

The tours coincided with the annual Californian Society of Addiction Medicine (CSAM) Conference - The State of the Art in Addiction Medicine (Aug 29- Sept 1) and Overdose Awareness Day (Aug 31).

According to the statistics shared by Safer Inside, 33% of overdose deaths occur in Tenderloin and SoMa. SFPD Tenderloin Station has reported 34 overdose reversals using Narcan in 2018.

The TLCBD strongly supports the concept of safe consumption services, or overdose prevention sites, in the Tenderloin.

As stated by Safer Inside, their mission is to:

  • Create a full-scale, operational prototype that moves beyond single injection booth models to support ongoing advocacy for overdose prevention sites;

  • Demonstrate how SIS would integrate into existing CBO’s, emphasizing operating principles and demonstrating the path from engagement into treatment and other harm reduction services;

  • Create opportunities for experiential learning through different mediums (e.g., speaker panels, interactive digital displays, guided walk-throughs for individuals and/or groups);

  • Test operational procedures and consider best practices using community participation; and

  • Learn from the community, especially from people who inject drugs living in the Tenderloin.