Cova Hotel & Academy of Art University Students Partner to Create a Vibrant, 8-Story Mural

Photo courtesy of Cova Theater

Photo courtesy of Cova Theater


Keep an eye out for Cova Hotel's new mural on-site 655 Ellis Street in the Tenderloin.

The Cova Hotel and Academy of Art University will host a community
unveiling on July 12th at 5:30 PM in the parking lot of Cova Hotel at 655 Ellis Street. 

Cova Hotel owner Simon Sin chose to partner with Academy of Art University and its mural painting class for this project. This is not the first time Sin has chosen Academy of Art students to help beautify his properties. Earlier in the year, they produced a mural at a new hostel, which is currently undergoing renovation on Franklin Street. Academy of Art students have also painted murals throughout the neighborhood, including the jazz ensemble found on the northeast corner of Mason and Eddy at Streets.

Mr. Sin explains his interest in adding the mural to the hotel is two-fold. While his first goal is to beautify the building and advance the positive experience of his guests, he also wishes to add vibrancy and color to the neighborhood and sees the mural as a gift to the community. The artwork is rich in color, offers an art-deco style, and portrays a savvy traveler surrounded by scenery and iconic destinations in San Francisco.

All murals developed by the class are hand-painted and undergo a 5-week design, planning, and preparation phase. From week six until week fifteen, when the semester is over, students research, design, paint, and complete the artwork.

Photos courtesy of Cova Hotel