Dinh Tran, skater from Tenderloin, medals at nationals [The Mercury News]

photo by Karl Mondon/Bay Area News Group

photo by Karl Mondon/Bay Area News Group


The Mercury News recently profiled Dinh Tran, a Tenderloin-raised teenager and his family as he prepared for a nationals tournament in San Jose.

Tran lives with his mom and brothers in a studio and has pursued his passion for figure skating with tenacity and grace. In the first profile, From the Tenderloin to triple axels: How one teen is overcoming skating’s long odds, Tran was not expected to medal according to the author.

We're happy to learn, as the above-headline reads, that Tran faired quite well, snagging a silver medal in the US Junior Mens National tournament.

“My journey’s not over yet,” Tran said. “I just have to keep pushing and pushing.”

Read the follow up article chronicling his performance and success here.

We couldn't help but think of one of our Tenderloin neighborhood banners when we read about Tran's mother's journey in supporting her son(s). Around here, we tend to nurture our families. Congratulations to Tran and his entire family.