TLCBD Clean Team Stats For October 2017


Above, a before and after of Market Street between 6th and 7th.

In the month of October, Clean Team responded to 109 hotline calls. You can call the Clean Team at 415-385-5490. Or send us a clean request online.

A special recognition to resident and Tenderloin tour guide Pam Coates for alerting our attention to Mona Caron's Windows into the Tenderloin at Golden Gate and Jones last month. Thanks, Pam!

In October 2017, Clean Team:

·    Properly disposed of 2,692 syringes

·    Removed 809 stickers/graffiti from public surfaces

·    Properly disposed of and sanitized for 208 instances of human/animal waste

·    Responded to 115 instances of illegal dumping

·    Collected 953 bags of trash 33,146 totaling lbs.

·    Power washed 240 block faces over the course of 496 hours

FAQs about the Clean Team:

Who are they?

They are former and current neighborhood residents as well as members from other communities.

What do they do?

•       Sidewalk and gutter sweeping

•       Wiping down of public fixtures

•       Deodorizing where applicable

•       Scheduled sidewalk pressure washing

•       Hot spot pressure washing

•       Graffiti and sticker removal on public infrastructure

•       Needle pickup and safe removal

When do they operate?

Mon-Sat 7am to 5pm

Sunday 9am to 5pm

Where do they operate?

Within the 29 blocks of the TLCBD boundaries, North of Market, South of O’Farrell, West of Mason and East of Larkin. Teams work along four routes to maximize coverage of every block, every day.

How can I get service?

Use our request form or call the Clean Team Hotline 415-385-5490.

Have you noticed a difference in cleanliness on your Tenderloin sidewalks? Does it feel cleaner (we hope so), worse or the same?

Let us know what you think, contact us via online contact form, email at, or by calling the office at (415) 292-4812. Leave a message with contact information and we'll return your call.

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