What’s up with the “Fresh With 7-Up” and “Par-T-Pak” Murals in the Tenderloin? [SF Weekly]

Below excerpted from Jonathan Curiel's article in SF Weekly:

For Aldan Mosqueda, the manager of the Helen Hotel, the morning of July 6 was like any other: tending to rooms, checking in visitors, and entertaining a question about the vintage sign that was painted decades ago on the hotel’s outside wall.

Like a siren from the vintage past, it advertises the hotel’s previous name (El Rosa) and a soft-drink campaign (“Fresh Up With 7 Up”) that harkens back to the 1950s.

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Want to take a deeper dive in the 'ghost" signs of the Tenderloin? Check out this fantastic map by the Ghost Sign Mapping Project, or visit the Tenderloin Museum.

What's your favorite neighborhood sign?