Tender Souls Project Spotlights Del Seymour

Del Seymour as photographed by  Brenton Gieser ,  Tender Souls Project

Del Seymour as photographed by Brenton Gieser, Tender Souls Project


Tender Souls, a documentary photography project “uncovering the humanity and complexities of the Tenderloin” continues its monthly profiles, sharing portraits and audio interviews of community members. Most recently the team behind the project, Brenton Gieser and Felix Uribe, whom the TLCBD has worked with on projects including our website photos (thanks Tender Souls!) shine the lens on none other than long-time Tenderloin champion and homeless activist, Del Seymour. If you don’t know Del from his TL Walking Tours, Code Tenderloin, the Homeless Coordinating Board or any of the other multitude of community work he’s involved with, here’s a chance to get to know some of his tireless efforts for the Tenderloin through a photojournalist lens.

TLCBD believes strongly that it’s important to share the stories of our community members, and for this reason, applaud the work of Tender Souls Project. Vist the website to check out all the stories, like those of Ted Stanton, Dax the barber, and (married) TL officers Irene and Brian. While there, make sure to follow their social media channels and subscribe to their updates.

Del Seymour’s job readiness and workforce development program, Code Tenderloin, recently made headlines when one of its graduates, Preston Phan, was the subject of an SF Gate profile Homeless to 115k, written by Ted Anderson.

Would you like to support Code Tenderloin’s work in making more stories like Phan’s come true? The program, who’s recent job readiness class began the first week of July, is currently running a fundraising campaign through HandUp. Check out the page, and contribute, here