The Tenderloin awakens: After years with no new development, the neighborhood is about to see shovels [SF Business Times]


From SF Business Times:

For the past century, the Tenderloin has been a bastion for low-income San Franciscans, with over 80 percent of its 15,800 apartments locked at below-market rents or rent controlled. Though next to the luxury brands of Union Square, the Tenderloin’s activist community has fought off the soaring prices and towers that have reshaped much of the city in the past decade.

But decades of economic decline have led to high crime and vacant storefronts, challenging the community to find a future that balances growth and preservation

The booming economy is drawing in developers and businesses. More market-rate housing projects have been approved in the last two years than in the prior 30 years combined.

Read the full article by SF Business Times reporter Roland Yi. 

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