Tenderloin Talk Live Draws Lively Talk, Part II Coming In September


On June 14th at the 201 Turk Street community room, Tenderloin Community Benefit District (TLCBD) board of directors, staff, and neighbors gathered for the inaugural Tenderloin Talk Live event. Tenderloin Talk Live is an extension of our communications with the neighborhood, inviting an open exchange and dialogue to work through positive and negative issues experienced on a daily basis.

The TLCBD has made significant strides since the start of 2016. Being as such, the event was the ideal time to reintroduce the organization by presenting on current programs and projects, including the neighborhood’s new Clean Team.

Throughout the presentations, TLCBD Executive Director Steve Gibson paused the event to lead the audience in a community conversation, each coinciding with the TLCBD’s work in three important areas: Neighborhood Pride, Economic Opportunity, and the Physical Environment. Conversations were spirited, inquisitive, always respectful, and productive.

The inaugural event had elements of a social mixer, a neighborhood celebration, and a community-working group. We’re grateful to all the people who came and shared their vision with ours. We hope to see you all, and many more, at the next Tenderloin Talk Live in September. Stay tuned!