Life Studies, Park Stewards, Getting Techie With It . . . Safe Passage, Checking In Volume II

Safe Passage Corner Captains serve as a welcoming presence during the Turk Hyde Mini Park Pilot project.

Safe Passage Corner Captains serve as a welcoming presence during the Turk Hyde Mini Park Pilot project.


Safe Passage . . . Checking In Volume II

When Safe Passage Corner Captains are out along "the Route", safe protocols call for regular check-ins over walkie-talkie. In this regular column, we'll share with you updates, field notes, and other highlights from this important program.

Ask people what Safe Passage does in the neighborhood, and they’re likely to think about Corner Captains in teal vests standing at corners and assisting with street crossings. “They help the kids,” people say. While that is most certainly the foundation and backbone of the program, it doesn’t account for everything we do, especially in summer and winter breaks, when kids are out of the normal routine.

Throughout the years, these resident Corner Captains have grown to become data collectors and evaluators, health & safety educators, coordinators who connect organizations, residents, and the city in building a culture of safety in the Tenderloin.

Here are updates on few projects we’ve been working on in the last several weeks:

Turk-Hyde Mini Park Pilot

In June, we’ve kicked off the Turk-Hyde Mini Park Pilot. Corner Captains have begun to serve as inviters, stationed outside the park on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 1-3pm. They serve as friendly park ambassadors who greet residents and visitors, provide informational resources, and coordinate activities in the park including cleaning. Want to lead a program at Turk-Hyde Mini Park? Micro grant opportunities are available. Contact for more information.

Safer Taylor Street Meetings + Public Life Study

In addition to presenting at various community meetings including the Alliance for a Better District 6 and The Hall/1028 Market community update, TLCBD staff and Safe Passage Corner Captains participated in a full 12-hour Public Life Study focused on pedestrian behavior on Taylor Street from Market To Sutter Streets.

Want to get involved in the Safer Taylor Street Project? Join the Open House and Community Workshop on June 28th from 6-8pm at Kelly Cullen Community Center, 220 Golden Gate Avenue. The Open House event led by SF MTA will feature a project overview and interactive games.

Microsoft Yammer Partner Project

Safe Passage is partnering with Microsoft this summer (and ongoing) to build a stronger database and check-in/check-out system for daily operations. Microsoft-Yammer built our initial check-in/check-out system in 2014, which the program has outgrown. They have committed to building a more comprehensive, sustainable, and adaptable system. Two Corner Captains are involved in each step of this process and we will get regular input from all Corner Captains during each iteration of the new system. We are very grateful to Microsoft for this shared project.

“We’re so grateful and excited for this opportunity to make a positive impact on Safe Passage and the community” - Microsoft Yammer Team