Join the Turk & Hyde Mini Park Pilot, Micro Grant Opportunities Available


Something rare is about to happen at the Turk & Hyde Mini Park. It’s not big, it’s not splashy, but the potential for impact is substantial.

The Tenderloin Community Benefit District (TLCBD) has secured a several-month permit with San Francisco Recreation and Parks to allot for regular programming and activation ahead of a major redesign. Tenderloin Safe Passage Corner Captains will provide a welcoming presence during such hours, which will not exclude anyone, including children from enjoying the park.

The Turk & Hyde Mini Park Pilot Activation Program is being undertaken in collaboration with Friends of Turk-Hyde Mini Park, a resident-led Steering Committee, which will continue to guide all aspects of the pilot in partnership with TLCBD. 

The goal of this pilot program is to bring and promote positive, healthy activation through community members, including neighboring seniors, families, and neighborhood organizations so as to create a sustainable model, which could inform the design and management of the park following renovation. We’ve seen the success of programming at Boeddeker Park and we are looking at how the community can similarly sustain positivity at Turk & Hyde Mini Park.

Throughout the Pilot Program, park visitors will experience a blend of programmed (think organized chess, arts, tai-chi) and non-programmed, organic activity (read a newspaper, meet a neighbor, bask in sunshine.)

The pilot program will begin quietly the week of June 6th with Safe Passage Corner Captains present three afternoons a week, with an eye toward expanding. In addition to providing a safe, welcoming presence, and developing programs, the project partners have begun collecting data to establish a baseline and will look to a variety of both traditional and non traditional data points to measure success.

Do you want join this effort? Are you an artist who would like to bring activation to the park? Want to teach yoga classes, drawing, play unamplified music, or lead a sing along?

TLCBD has established a micro-grant program to assist with funds up to $500.00 for Tenderloin-based activators to lead programming opportunities.

To receive the micro grant application, request more information, or attend a Steering Committee meeting, call the TLCBD office at (415) 292-4812 or email, subject “Turk-Hyde Mini Park”.

The Turk-Hyde Mini Park, Sgt. John Macaulay, and the Helen Diller Civic Center Playgrounds (underway) will each receive a major redesign and renovation in the next couple years.

The Turk-Hyde Mini Park Pilot Program has the potential to influence the way the park is used after the renovation.

Are you a potential programming partner? Apply for a Turk-Hyde Mini Pilot program activator grant. Micro grant opportunities for funding activations up to $500.

Fill out the application online.

Download the application and return to the TLCBD office or via email to