Around Here, We Tend To Our Sidewalks


Meet the new TLCBD Clean Team.

The Tenderloin Community Benefit District believes that a clean, safe, and inviting space are integral elements of a healthy, sustainable neighborhood. We are proud to announce the arrival of our new Clean Team, working seven days a week to meet the challenges of keeping our Tenderloin sidewalks clean. We welcome Block by Block, in partnership with Downtown Streets Team, to the neighborhood. This partnership will make a significant impact on our community and in our shared public space.

The new Clean Team is working to build on the foundation set by SF Clean City Coalition, our previous service provider of many years. SF Clean City Coalition set the bar and prepared us for this next step in addressing the conditions of our sidewalks. We want to thank them for being our service partner and for their positive impact in the community.


The Clean Team will work seven days a week. In addition to sidewalk sweepers, residents will notice two colorful trucks equipped with pressure washers—not to mention our lovable Clean Team caricature, Squeek E. Klean (so named during our Sunday Streets competition.)

The pressure washers will work in two ways. One will follow a scheduled route while the other will work in response to Hot Spots. Our Clean Team works in partnership with Public Works to remove garbage collected, which is placed on street corners in black bags. In the first week, 173 bags were collected.

Got Poop?

We have a hotline! Our Clean Hotline, at 415-385-5490, can be used to report sidewalk conditions that pose a health or safety concern. Calls will be logged and prioritized based on a number of criteria.

In addition, you can use our online form here.

Congrats to Carol for winning the contest, and thank you for visiting us during Sunday Streets.

Congrats to Carol for winning the contest, and thank you for visiting us during Sunday Streets.

Currently, the Clean Team is testing combinations of various routes with the goal of maximizing coverage throughout the entire 29 blocks of the Tenderloin Community Benefit District boundaries.

The lists of services provided are as follows:


·         Sidewalk and gutter sweeping

·         Wiping down of public fixtures

·         Deodorizing where applicable

·         Scheduled sidewalk pressure washing

·         Hot spot pressure washing

·         Graffiti and sticker removal on public infrastructure

·         Needle pickup and safe removal

In the first week of service, the Clean Team collected more than 8500 lbs of trash and properly disposed of 404 syringes.

First days on the job

First days on the job

Block by Block has worked to provide cleaning and beautification services in more than 80 districts across the country. Their experience, further bolstered by comprehensive research and scouting of the neighborhood, were just some of the components that helped them rise to the top of a very competitive, open bidding process.

In addition to Block by Block Team Members donning blue and gray uniforms, the Tenderloin community will see Downtown Streets Team, recognized by their yellow t-shirts, providing beautification and cleaning services. This is not the first time Block by Block has partnered with Downtown Streets Team. Their workforce development model has already proven successful in neighboring Union Square, creating a seamless employment pipeline.


Downtown Streets Team is a unique nonprofit which works to combat homelessness through the dignity of work. Team Members are encouraged to take active roles in their recovery. We encourage you to learn more about Downtown Streets Team’s unique peer-based approach on their website, or perhaps consider attending one of their weekly success meetings; a truly powerful experience. Meetings are held at 65 9th Street, every Tuesday at 12:30pm.

While we are fully confident in the quality work ahead, we recognize there will be adjustments, challenges and new opportunities, especially in these first weeks. To ensure we provide the best service possible, we encourage dialogue with our community. Contact us by phone or email to provide feedback, positive or negative, so we may better serve the neighborhood.

Image courtesy of Downtown Streets Team/ Facebook

Image courtesy of Downtown Streets Team/Facebook

Want to connect with us, and meet the Clean Team in person? Join us June 14th from 5pm-7pm at the 201 Turk Street Community Room for our first edition of Tenderloin Talk Live, a new quarterly event presented by the Tenderloin Community Benefit District. Through Tenderloin Talk Live, we will work to strengthen our community connection, encourage dialogue on neighborhood issues, and provide opportunities to engage with a variety of our neighborhood-serving projects and programs. We believe that in order to achieve our core purpose of the Tenderloin becoming a “Vibrant Community For All” it will take the community coming together with a strong voice and strong vision.

To RSVP for JUNE 14th Tenderloin Talk Live:

Call: (415) 292-4812


Download the flyer for the event, translation to other languages coming soon.

Or tell friends you're 'going' via the Facebook event page here.