Welcome to Tenderloin Talk, a letter from Executive Director Steve Gibson

Executive Director Steve Gibson

Executive Director Steve Gibson

As one of our street banners says, “Around Here We Tend to Express Ourselves.” Welcome to Tenderloin Talk, our new twice-monthly newsletter. Through Tenderloin Talk we hope to not only exchange information, but to strengthen our community connection. We’ll share with you our work in three important areas:

  • Improving the Physical Environment
  • Growing Neighborhood Pride
  • Providing Economic Opportunity

We believe it is important to share stories of neighbors and businesses that make up this special and unique place, the Tenderloin.

Our goal is to encourage a two-way dialogue on both positive and negative issues. To that end, we recently located our office to 512 Ellis Street so we can be closer to the community. In June we will hold our first Tenderloin Talk Live event with the goal of encouraging dialogue and strengthening the community voice. We believe that in order to achieve our core purpose of the Tenderloin becoming a “Vibrant Community For All” it will take the community coming together with a strong voice and strong vision.
Our approach is best said by Katherine Dizon, a De Marillac Academy, in words excerpted from one of her poems from the 8th Grade Anthology, Hearts of Hope (2017) :

See Beauty
by Katherine Dizon

Though it can be very ugly at times
The world is a beautiful place
Full of beautiful things
And beautiful people.
It just depends
On how you look at it.
You just have to wake up
And see the beauty for yourself.

Steve Gibson
Executive Director
Tenderloin Community Benefit District

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