Tenderloin Safe Passage, Checking in . . . Volume 1

Safe Passage Corner Captains pose in front of TLCBD office at 512 Ellis Street.

Safe Passage Corner Captains pose in front of TLCBD office at 512 Ellis Street.


When Safe Passage Corner Captain teams are out along "the Route", safe protocols call for regular check-ins over walkie-talkie. In this regular column, we'll share with you updates, field notes, and other highlights from this important program.

The last several weeks have been busier than ever at Tenderloin Safe Passage. In addition to our daily shifts providing a safe, positive presence throughout the neighborhood during morning and after-school commutes for seniors, children, and others, we’ve held trainings, travelled to Sacramento to advocate for neighborhood parks, welcomed a group of potential new Corner Captains during one of our two monthly orientations as well as groups of volunteers from UCSF and Microsoft. While most schools were out for Spring Break, Corner Captains found some time for wellness and fun with mediation, bowling and Sunday Streets.

Advocating in Sacramento

Several of our resident Corner Captains had the opportunity to engage with more than 50 lawmakers during a full day of advocacy in Sacramento. Safe Passage was invited to attend the breakneck pace pitch session with our partners from the Trust for Public Land. Longtime Corner Captains and neighborhood advocates Stephen Tennis and Mike Cameron spoke on the importance of active parks in promoting a healthy neighborhood.

Training for Wellness With Safe Passage

When most of our participant neighborhood children were enjoying spring break, our Corner Captains took the time to brush up on skills with a week of trainings, including resources fair with community partners. To close the week, one of our volunteers, Joanna, whose business Bring Harmony Home offers massage, meditation and other healing practices guided TLCBD Staff and Safe Passage participants in a meditative sound bath. During the meditation, participants were guided in visualizing positivity for the Tenderloin. After meditation, SFPD Tenderloin Station Officers treated the entire Safe Passage crew to a competitive, yet friendly round of bowling.

Field Notes:

On May 16th, 207 children crossed Leavenworth Street at Turk during the Safe Passage shift. 

In the last six months, our Safe Passage Senior program has assisted over 23,000 seniors to safely cross Tenderloin streets.

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