Corner Captains Train With Tenderloin Station Officer Azim

Corner Captain 'King' John volunteers for a demonstration with Officer Azim.

Corner Captain 'King' John volunteers for a demonstration with Officer Azim.


While students were out of school during the Thanksgiving holiday, Safe Passage Corner Captains took time for personal enrichment with a safety training organized by Tenderloin Station officer Yossef Azim. Officer Azim has been serving the neighborhood for several years and is the lead organizer behind the Tenderloin Station’s Beyond the Badge initiative, which pairs officers with Tenderloin youth through Boys & Girls Club and Salvation Army Kroc Center to build community through sports activities. Recently, Beyond the Badge held their first basketball tournament at the Croc Center on Turk Street.

Twenty (yes twenty!) Corner Captains agreed to participate with Officer Azim on their own time. Azim shared techniques and practices consistent with maintaining a culture of safety, including personal safety, for situations specific to situations Safe Passage Corner Captains potentially face during their shift. Techniques included distancing, awareness, and de-escalation techniques.

Beyond the work they do in the neighborhood, our resident captains are the lifeblood of our Safe Passage program, guiding our practices, evaluation, and understanding.

The one thing we hear consistently from our Corner Captains is that Safe Passage is a way for them to give back to their community. They are a regular source of pride and inspiration. Thank you to Officer Azim and our Corner Captains for continuing to cultivate a vibrant Tenderloin for ALL.

Interested in joining this important program? Contact us to learn about our volunteer Safe Passage Corner Captain positions. Or simply come on by, orientations are held on the 2nd Thursday of every month at 12:30pm.