Re-Read The Tenderloin Times, at the Tenderloin Museum [SF Weekly]

From SF Weekly's Johnathan Curiel:

In the history of San Francisco journalism, The Tenderloin Times was a landmark newspaper — an exemplar of innovative and investigative work that advocated for the Tenderloin district’s homeless population, reported on the area’s immigrant community, published in multiple languages, and humanized one of San Francisco’s most challenging neighborhoods. The paper published a mostly monthly edition between 1977 and 1994, and at its zenith, distributed 15,000 copies around San Francisco — and helped influence city policy.

The Tenderloin Museum’s new exhibit, “Voice of the Central City: The Tenderloin Times, 1977-94,” is a bittersweet look at the little paper that could. Funded by Hospitality House and grant money, The Tenderloin Timeswas the right paper at the right time — staffed by idealists like Rob Watersand Sara Colm, who made sure that under-reported issues like homelessness were reported with the seriousness they deserved.

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