The Evolution Of Safe Passage, A Livestory By TLHIP


The Tenderloin Community Benefit District is proud to share this story of Safe Passage written by born and raised Tenderloin resident, Precious Listana, an extremely talented student at UC Berkeley. This story was compiled on Livestory, a data-driven storytelling platform, prepared for our incredible funding partner, the Saint Francis Foundation/Tenderloin Health Improvement Partnership.

In compiling the story, Listana spent extensive time with staff and Safe Passage Corner Captains, conducting interviews in addition to independent research. The story not only captures the work we do on a daily basis through our Safe Passage and Safe Passage Senior programs, but also accurately portrays the evolution of Safe Passage from an all-volunteer operation run by neighborhood moms to what it is today.

Thank you to Listana and the entire TLHIP team for sharing our story.

Check out the the Safe Passage Livestory: "Building Community Leaders and Safer Streets"